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Skip The Dinner Party And Try A Cooking Class Party

on Amalfi Coast

Nothing brings people together quite like the way food does. Food has a special place in our lives – from family traditions, passed down recipes to being a part of our heritage. Learning how to cook a recipe with friends and family is one of the best ways you can bond together. 

Discover recipe secrets while breathing and perceiving the quiet of the Amalfi Coast falling in love with its stunning and picturesque landscapes.


The Daily Cooking is also ideal for those who want to have, in a single lesson, the basics to start giving the imprint of the great cuisine of the Amalfi coast to their dishes.

A Lesson: appetizer, first course, second course, side dish and dessert.

  • 1 cooking lesson (theoretical + hands-on) with our Master and with the chef tasting the cooked food
  • ¼ bottle of Ravello wine and ½ of mineral water

Cooking classes are suitable for a variety of ages and skill levels

Not everyone is a gourmet cook, and that’s okay! Although some guests may feel intimidated to attend a cooking class party, an experienced chef will know how to manage different skill levels and highlight each individual’s strengths. And, if people are lacking in the cooking department, then what better reason to attend a cooking class anyways? It’s a great way to learn practical kitchen skills that can be used for years to come.

Leave guests with a parting gift – a new recipe!

With a cooking class party, there’s no need to research party favors. The best favor of all is that your guests are left with a new recipe (that they know how to cook!). If you want to really wow everyone, have the meals you cook printed on a recipe card – it’s the perfect parting gift for guests to take home.



There are lots of reasons to love a cooking class party, but our favorite of all has to be how rewarded you and your guests will feel after cooking your own meal. While you could take the simple route and have your event catered, it will never be as memorable when you and your guests cook a meal together. Have fun cooking! 

Do you want to organize a cooking class party?

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Locations: Ravello, Amalfi, Positano

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